NARPO Conference 2016

This years NARPO conference was held at The Riviera International Conference Centre in Torquay on the 9th. September 2016.  Les Mann (Secretary) and Gary Purser (Committee Member) attended representing the Chichester Branch.

They were part of the 286 members and observers who attended.  Representatives from associated police pensioner groups included:

  1. Northern Ireland Retired Police Officers Association
  2. Garda Siochana Retired Members Association
  3. Retired Police Officers’ Association Scotland

The Annual Report including full financial accounts, reports of officers and general information can be viewed in full at:

Reference will be made in this report to this document where appropriate and to avoid duplication.

 Review of the Year

  • Presented by the Chief Executive – Mr Steve Edwards Controller – and discussed by conference
  • See Pages 4 – 8 of The Annual Report.

Income and Expenditure

Three reports were presented by Mrs Sue Ward – the Financial Controller – and discussed by conference – See Pages 19-25 of The Annual Report

  • All reports were approved
  • N.B. NARPO Has reserves of £2.6 million pounds

Guest Speaker

Mr Simon Weston CBE, OBE gave an inspiring talk on his life and times with the predominant message being that of single-minded determination, to not only accept what is, but to turn that to your advantage. Simon’s own career clearly demonstrates how a positive mental attitude can achieve great business goals.

  • He later signed copies of his latest book and sold out – 110 Copies!

Debate – “The Silver Economy”

A panel discussion – Mr Chris Walsh – Wise Age + Mr Stephen Mann – Chief Executive – Police Mutual + Chris Curry Pensions Policy Institute gave brief presentations.

  • The conference then responded and the discussion was facilitated by the journalist and broadcaster Mr John Stapleton –
  • Key Facts emerging:
  • Life expectancy increasing by 2.5yrs. every decade.
  • 3 m. over 55’s – over 1/3 of population
  • Over 50’s have 80% of nations wealth.
  • By 2018 over 65’s will outnumber under 16’s
  • Pensions are under pressure
  • Working lives being extended
  • Overall pensions have increased more than income of rest of population

See for video of this presentation

Presidential Address – Mr Ian Potter

See for video of this presentation

 Responded to by:

  • President Neil Massey of the Retired Police Officers Association of Scotland
  • President Frank Timmoney of the Garda Siochana Retired Members Association
  • President Bobby Wise of the Northern Ireland Police Retired Members Association
  • Common Themes:
    • Historical Inquiries
    • Managing a changing NARPO membership profile
    • Reducing membership of NARPO
    • Reduction in care services
    • Our generation has been ‘lucky’.

See for video of these presentations

 Presentation on Later Life Ambitions – Laura Blake Connect PA

This was a very concise and information packed presentation directly affecting NARPO members and provided much food for thought

Key Facts emerging:

  • Mays Messages – Brexit means Brexit + Country that works for everyone + end of drive for Budget Surplus by 2020 + Life Chances for everyone
  • Labour Party split – will take time to recover – no clear opposition
  • Intergenerational Fairness becoming an issue – young peoples’ debts -v- pensioners’ wealth
  • The Triple Lock is under pressure
  • Reduction of Social Care Budgets + workforce to support them
  • Universal Benefits means it must be better to work
  • Potential fall in house prices taking focus away from specialised housing.

See for video of this presentation

Motion No 1: Reduction of precept from 40% to 30% Rotherham

N.B. Delegates were provided with Voting Devices that automatically displayed the vote thus potentially avoiding the usual delays caused by Scrutineers manually counting raised hands.

See Page 32 of the Annual Report

  • The motion was opposed by the NEC
  • The motion was defeated.

Motion No 2: National Conference funding for 1 member per branch Barnsley Amendment – Means Tested Birmingham

See Page 34 of the Annual Report

  • The motion was opposed by the NEC
  • The motion & the Barnsley Amendment were defeated.

Motion No 3: Refresh of Super Sleuth Birmingham

See Page 36 of the Annual Report

  • The motion was supported by the NEC
  • The motion was supported.

The conference was closed by Ian Potter

 Appointment of the NARPO President:

At the Post Conference meeting of the NEC on the 10th. September 2016 Ian Potter was elected as President of NARPO and Chairman of the NEC for the ensuing year.

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