About Us


Chichester NARPO is a wide ranging group of members representing pretty much all ages , interests and all of the police family.

Many different forces are also represented in our membership providing us with a wide range of experience and enthusiasm.

So why not come and join in and make the most of your retirement – join now.


We support and help each other to make sure we get the most out of our retirement.

Whether it’s social, welfare, or just making sure we have the security to enjoy life – that’s what Chichester NARPO is all about. – making sure we have fun and the resources to do it.

And above all don’t forget friendship!

What’s it all about, NARPO?

A letter from our Chairman – Barry Wiseman:

“As police officers, our lives have been split into three parts.  There’s Pre-police at the beginning and After-police at the end.  In between, there is thirty years (for most of us) of life in a parallel universe, where at times nothing seemed real.  Talking about it now, many of us didn’t realise at the time how lucky we were to serve when we did. It was exciting, with new technology, like the Stornophone and Pye pocket radios, nylon – collar-attached – uniform shirts and even a few police cars.  It was a time when the Service dominated our lives: we weren’t allowed to get into debt, couldn’t have any political beliefs, had to apply to get married, had to live where approved and even had to have certain haircuts and shoes (no toecaps).

So, were we so lucky?  Yes!  The Police Service made us into different people.  The public expected us to be able to do anything and we did our darndest to keep their confidence.  One reason we could do this was because we could rely on each other.  We were more than colleagues; we were friends…..brothers & sisters even, working for the common good.  We have a bond.

When I was due to retire, I was astonished at the number of people in my situation who couldn’t wait to rid themselves of their warrant cards and openly stated that they wanted to forget about the job and their colleagues.  Thankfully, everyone doesn’t feel that way and NARPO exists for those who are proud of their service and who want to maintain contact with as many old friends as possible.  It’s about more than welfare.  We want to continue having a good time together.  You must be one of those people, or you wouldn’t be reading this, so I welcome you to our new website, which we hope will be a source of information and pleasure to you all.

If you haven’t already joined, don’t hesitate.  You’re missing out on outings, social events, theatre trips and other really nice lunch get-togethers with a fine group of like-minded people:  old friends and new friends from all over the country, getting the best out of life.  Old ranks don’t feature – we are simply retired police officers with the old musketeers’ spirit – all for one and one for all!”

Barry WisemanMCIJ

Chairman, Chichester/Bognor Regis NARPO