A warm welcome to the Chichester Branch of the National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO).

We are a thriving and growing group of people who have retired from serving or supporting the police service who work and play together to keep up the benefits of belonging to the police family. These benefits include:

  • Representation by committed people striving to obtain a fair deal for every member.
  • Access to help and assistance when facing problems arising from your police service or pension.
  • Access to information about potential employment or business opportunities and networks.
  • Opportunities to participate in the large number of entertainment events, holidays, travel etc.
  • Access to special deals on goods and services, particularly in respect of investment, insurance and travel.
  • An opportunity to keep in touch with both former and serving colleagues through the NARPO branch network and locally through the Chichester NARPO

And much, much more – so why not join and give us a go?  The Members Page will let you view the whole range of what we get up to on your behalf.

Membership criteria are shown on the national web site at http://www.narpo.org.uk/index.php/join-us.html and in addition Chichester NARPO offer Associate Membership to a wider group of both the police family or those supporting us.

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